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Command the heroes of a land shattered by a war of betrayal. Build up a team of loyal warriors united by common purpose and personal bonds, and shape their growth to suit your strategy. Lead them to victory in turn-based tactical battles to discover the truth behind the Years of Division!


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For a thousand years the Kingdoms of Kaylia and Darakma were united in a war against their neighbor, the Sovereignty of Devess. Now, only a dozen years after the truce that brought peace to the land, war returns. The new king of Darakma launches a surprise attack on Kaylia in the name of his god, and all who live on the continent of Yelos brace themselves for the fallout of his actions. Alliances are broken, families separated, and lovers turned to enemies as the two closely joined lands are divided for the first time in history.

Annaka and Arcett, the princess and prince of Kaylia, are caught up in the conflict. Rally a team to their sides and do battle with bandits, soldiers, and maybe worse to find the truth and perhaps reunite this broken land.

  • Fight your way through a series of turn-based tactical battles and uncover a plot of betrayal, intrigue, and mystery.
  • Build your units exactly as you wish. Your character's capabilities are determined by your choices, not random growths
  • Plan your team's collective capabilities by choosing each character's path and determining their abilities. Will you dabble in magic? Pick up a second weapon? Or stick to what you know best?
  • Prepare devastating counter-attacks with a Reflexes build or press the attack by developing Haste. New tactics are opened up to you by your choice.
  • Accumulate power and unleash remarkable Critical attacks when the moment is right.
  • Collect treasure and assign it to your units to bolster their combat capabilities
  • Forge bonds between your allies and gain buffs based on their personalities.
  • Wield powerful and flexible magic. Heal and buff your allies, change the terrain, rain down destruction, transport units across the map, and more!
  • Play the way you prefer with modular difficulty settings. Prefer fewer stronger enemies? Or do you hate to let any ally die? Design the perfect difficulty setup for your play style.
  • Discover the truth that cast the world back into war!


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Other Windows versions probably work too

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