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Slidemagi is a magical combat between two mages. Each one will use their deck of cards to cast spells or create warriors that will fight under their control. It is a turn-based strategy game with a unique way of moving on an isometric board, playable by one or two players, locally or remotely.


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Slidemagi is a tactical game played on an isometric board where two Mages face off against each other. Each Mage brings a deck of collectible cards to the game, which they use to cast spells or create warrior units that will fight under their control.

The rules are simple: on each turn, your Mage can use one of their cards or move their units on the board.

- Using cards, the Mage can perform offensive or defensive actions, either by casting spells or creating warrior units.
- Moving a unit on the board is done by sliding the row in which the unit is located and dragging everything on it. When the slide action ends, all the player's units in that row execute their action.

The game can be played in Adventure Mode (single-player) where you advance by unlocking spells.

Choose your cards from dozens of units and spell types to battle against your opponents in local or online multiplayer, in asynchronous or real-time matches, in ranked or friendly modes.

Slidemagi is a game with an original design, developed by BATOVI Games, a studio from Montevideo, Uruguay.


  • Tactical: Isometric Turn-based tactical combat where position and facing of units are important.
  • Simple Rules: Movement is made by sliding diagonal lines. All units move in the same way. When the unit ends their move, they perform their action.

  • Mages: Mages are the players. Kill the enemy Mage to win. When the Mage slides, each one of the friendly units in the diagonal line performs their action.

  • Chains: With each turn, the Mage can slide a diagonal line, creating a chain of events in the line moved.

  • Spell Cards: There are dozens of types of units and spells to use and combine to design your strategy. Each type of unit performs a specific action. For example, Spiders throw a web that traps the enemy and makes them very vulnerable; Scorpions, poison their enemies, etc.
  • Deck Building: Before going to battle, select from the available spell cards, the spells set you will bring to the battle. The deck is shuffled and you have five spells available at a time. Random has its place.

  • Skulls: When a unit dies, their skull remains on the field. Skulls and units limit the sliding movement. This takes an important part in the strategy.
  • Depth: Other elements like walls, holes, items, special squares, alignment of spells, backstab hits, random counterattacks, etc., and their combinations give the game an enormous depth.
  • Many Modes of Play: Local multiplayer or online, asynchronous or real-time, ranked or friendly mode matches. Adventure mode to unlock new spells.


  • OS: Windows Seven SP1+
  • Processor: x64 w/SSE2
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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