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Alchemy with patients' lives and health insurance! A quack doctor simulation game. DON'T imitate any of this!

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This game is not about healing patients. It's an SLG game where you play as a quack doctor who kills patients and extorts money from them.

The story takes place in the near future. While medical technology has extended human lifespan, the "aging problem" has become serious. There are too many elderly people, and pensions and health insurance are on the brink of collapse.

Yes, there are too many elderly people, and the protagonist is a quack doctor. Wise readers will have already guessed the story of this game. However, whether or not you want to address the aging problem is up to you. You can even target rare young patients if you'd like.

  • ◆Make patients sick with evil medical exams!

Use reused syringes, touch patients with unclean hands, perform hearing tests with loud noises, and conduct cursed psychological tests... Use evil medical exams to make patients sick.

  • ◆Critical quack treatments

After making the patient sick, treat them with the appropriate quack treatment. For example, use "lobotomy" on patients with brain problems and "cancer neglect therapy" on cancer patients. Of course, they won't be cured. Use your quack techniques to hit the affected area precisely and finish them off!

  • ◆Don't let patients escape!

If you repeat unpleasant medical procedures, patients will run away. Stop them by knocking them out or tempting them with seduction. Prescribing opioids (narcotic painkillers) can also be effective!

  • ◆Treatment depends on the patient's financial situation

You should be sensitive to the patient's wallet. Even if you provide expensive treatment to a poor person, you won't be able to collect payment. Oh, but don't worry, poor people on welfare are an exception. You can fleece them as much as you want since their medical expenses are covered by public funds!

  • ◆Prepare for revenge from the bereaved

Sometimes, angry relatives will attack you. Use your honed quack techniques to give them all a painless death.

  • ◆Present at the quack medical society

After performing many quack treatments, present your case at the quack medical society and elevate your status as a quack doctor. Various quack doctor jokes will be revealed at the conference. Enjoy the black humor that makes you chuckle and your spine shiver.

◆This game is a work of fiction, but...
This game is a horror-style silly game and has nothing to do with actual illnesses or medical procedures. However, some medical errors are based on real-life examples.
Of course, don't imitate any of this, not just the good kids, but doctors as well.

◆Live streaming is welcome!
If there is anyone who would like to provide live streaming, please show us your unique "medical" style, as the way of playing may differ depending on the player.
*No slander or disparagement of the work allowed.


  • OS: Windows8,10,11
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-350M 2.27GHz相当以上
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM

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