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Original Time-management & Strategy Game Protect the Princess and restore the Kingdomin in this addictive Tycoon-strategy game!

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The very first of its kind game based on Casual Strategy and Time-management!

Leading the main character player moves along the progress map, completing levels to achieve the main goal of the game, due to the plot. Tasks includes the repair of objects of the territory, creating of new ones to restore the Kingdom, crafting, building, collect and use the resources, and more.
It's a click-play game, but it's not that simple: you have to think through your actions in order to succeed!

It's up to you, Arthur, a brave knight, to restore the land and escort Princess Helen back to her father, King Olgert :
One day Princess Helen traveled across the lands to visit her uncle King Sigmund. The king was eating and waxing nostalgic, when all of a sudden... A tornado came and wrecked havoc on the lands. Animals, houses, and even people flew through the air. King Sigmund's castle somehow withstood the storm. But his troubles had only just begun.. The tornado woke Firemouth the dragon, who, according to legend, could not sleep until he ate 37 people. The legend might be wrong, but the dragon had already eaten eight people, and didn't seem the least bit ready to go back to sleep.
And what's more, Princess Helen found out that during the tornado, her father, King Olgert, had been struck by lightning. Nobody knew whether he would live or die. She needed to return home immediately but all the roads were in ruins, the hamlets were destroyed, and a hungry dragon circled over the land.
Arthur, a knight famed for his wit and courage, answered duty's call. Not only would he have to escort the princess, but he would also have to restore the ruined lands. King Sigmund promised him a shiny new castle as a reward for successfully completing the quest.
But everyone knows that good knights don't care about rewards. They are only concerned with heroic deeds and love!

Main game-features:
- a skillful combination of time-management, casual simulator and strategy
- more than 50 levels in 4 fabulous locations
- addictive mini-games
- excellent graphic performance
- hard working employees
- a variety of game tasks
- romantic fairy tale story

Restore the fairy Kingdom and find out how the romantic adventure will end!


  • OS: Windows XP/ 7/ 10 or later version
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: built-in

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