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When you feel bored, tired and dazzled by the cool game pictures, it's better to play a relaxed, intellectual and simple leisure game Meta Lines, which is suitable for playing while waiting in line for another game. Wish you have a good time !


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[About this game]
Metaline is a minimalist puzzle game. Your only goal is to connect all points with lines, and then enter the next level

Game play:

1. Click the check point with the main mouse button and slide to the normal point to create a short line
2. You need to gradually create a line between two identical checkpoints to connect them
3. All points must be connected with lines. You can't miss any point without connection
4. All checkpoints must be endpoints. Similarly, all endpoints must be checkpoints
5. All connections you create cannot cross each other

When all your lines meet the above conditions, you can win the level and then enter the next level.

The rules of the game are very simple. Meta Lines is very suitable for relaxing in your spare time while exercising your brain thinking ability.
Meta Lines is the second game I developed. It will keep updating. I hope you like it!
Thank you for your feedback and support for Meta Lines. If you encounter any problem in the game, the store page has misleading content, and you want to give comments and suggestions or simply want to say hello, you can contact me through the Steam game forum or email. I will try to take time to have a pleasant conversation with you. If I did not reply to your information in time, I am very sorry, it may not have been noticed, Or too busy, I will try to avoid it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I sincerely hope you can enjoy my game. Y.J. ------ Matrix Science

Game features:

1. With the increase of the ordinal number of the level, the difficulty will also increase
2. Minimalist interface provides you with the most comfortable visual effect
3. If you like, there are multiple color themes in the game for you to choose and replace, to avoid aesthetic fatigue as much as possible
4. You can use white or black as the main color
5. Several quiet, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere music can relieve your brain fatigue
6. Support English, Russian, Chinese, French and other languages (of course, considering font compatibility, this will be updated gradually, please wait patiently while playing the game)
7. Support the Steam cloud archive. When the game data is accidentally cleaned or the computer is replaced, the previous progress can be downloaded from the Steam cloud at any time
12. There are 29 simple and interesting achievements to be completed
13. Ultra-low pricing and frequent discounts
14. I will carefully design more checkpoints in the future, and I sincerely hope you will challenge me!

The audio in the game is a royalty-free file provided by excellent websites such as freeSound
This page uses DeepL translation. If there is any misleading content, error propagation or cultural sensitivity, please contact me at Steam Community or email.

Thank you for your help and feedback!

Thank you all!


  • OS: Windows 7 +

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