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MeowTown is a simulation game with wilderness puzzles and exploration. Players take on the role of human volunteers who come to MeowTown to help build a colony of dry cats, learn about human civilization, and find the dry cat they met when they were young ......


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"Meow Town" is a fun farm management game. One day, aliens from Meow Plant suddenly landed on Earth and introduced themselves as MonoCats. After reaching a cooperative agreement with human civilization, they established Meow Town and a universe portal in an uninhabited area of Earth as their base on the planet and the entrance for humans to other planets.

In the game, players will play as a volunteer who has just arrived in Meow Town to help MonoCats develop the town, try to improve various crops and cook dishes to earn rich rewards! In addition, during a trip to collect resources from other planets, the player accidentally steps into the mysterious lost planet "Ode Plant" and gradually approaches the past and buried truth behind the entire universe civilization.

Farming System

There are various crops in the game, each with different growth cycles and maturity conditions. Due to the adjustment of the climate by MonoCats, Meow Town has only two seasons each year, the warm season and the cold season. Players need to arrange planting time according to the characteristics of the crops, fertilize, water, remove pests, and prune to harvest high-quality crops.

Construction and Management

As the player's contribution to Meow Town increases, they can gradually participate in the governance of the town and create a dream town. Facilities such as forging houses can help players build various new buildings and scene decorations. Players can also collect various rare blueprints to modify the appearance of existing buildings.

Exploration and Puzzle Solving

Due to the restriction of Earth's environmental protection regulations, the material resources are relatively scarce. MonoCats provide a portal for volunteers to explore and collect resources from other uninhabited planets. In this game, players will travel to the lost planet "Ode Plant", unlock mechanisms, search for treasures, and gradually learn about the past of Ode Plant and its lost civilization.

Companion System

MonoCats are one of the main characters in the game. They shuttle around and occasionally help players, but most of the time they play and relax. Each MonoCats has unique skills and personality, and players can get to know them better by interacting with them, and even become their companions. In addition, occasional alien visitors will come to Meow Town through the portal. As long as players have a certain degree of favorability with them, they can invite them to join the volunteer team.

Endowment System

MonoCats themselves are made up of invisible material bodies. They live on the invisible planet "Meow Plant". In order to communicate with humans, MonoCats can use their talents to combine visible matter with their own material bodies. This ability is called "mimicry". Through the endowment system in the game, players, as humans, can also temporarily obtain the mimicry ability of MonoCats and become the corresponding mimicry form! Different mimicry forms will endow different abilities, making players more relaxed and comfortable in the game.


  • OS: Windows Vista or greater
  • Processor: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 mb video memory, shader model 3.0+
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

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