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2.5D Airdasher fighting game with mechs! Boost everywhere while keeping an eye on your energy and fuel, and use varied and complex weapons to snatch victory! Then control a squad of mechs in story mode to get through the conflict around Saturn and experience the characters in a new light!


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Kronian Titans is a 2.5D airdashing fighting game, with fast action and complex characters!
Every mech has its own particularities, which must be mastered to win.
Fight your friends online (with rollback netcode)!
Then try out story mode to interact with the world and characters in a tactical mode!

  • Boosting! You can move around easily in the air up to three times using boosts! The more you do it, the more vulnerable you'll be on landing.
  • Special Moves! Every character has a plethora of special moves, accessed by holding the P button. These can have a lot of different properties!
  • Boost Cancel! You can stop an attack early by boosting during it! Use this to reposition or continue your offense!
  • Active Defense! Even when attacked, you can break out! If the opponent predicts it however, they may break your armor, putting you in a difficult spot.
  • Projectile Dodge! The mechs can fire a lot of rounds, but you may still find your way through by boosting!
  • Overdrive! When all seems lost, activate overdrive and get access to incredible power specific to your character! But take care: this will consume your fuel at an increased rate!

  • Amblitz Mk.II Assault: A cutting-edge mass produced mech for operation around the gas giants. It has high agility and must alternate its attacks to keep up the pressure.
  • Amblitz Mk.II Bomber: A variant of the Amblitz, made for longer range high power bombardment.
  • Lupo Varmego: A repurposed general purpose mech, optimized for close range scraps. Its high ground speed can draw circles around any opponent!
  • Sieldver Mk.III Command Type: An older mech piloted by a veteran turned captain. Call upon your mothership for air support during fights!
  • And plenty more to come!

Kronian Titans also features bonus characters - mechs not meant for competitive play that you'll usually find in story mode!

The solar system has been colonized. After various conflicts, the inner area has been more or less pacified, but war still rages on around Jupiter. Further from there however, on Saturn, things are going slow for now. But what should have been a simple convoy to get some supplies and test the new units takes a turn for the worse...


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ Broadwell I7-5700HQ
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M DDR3 2 Go
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: This is the lowest I've tried it on yet.

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