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Fourteen Fiends is a single player fantasy action adventure card game!


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The Gameplay:
If Solitaire was a RPG, you would have Fourteen fiends.
the object of the game is simple, defeat all the Fiend cards before you run out of Hero cards.
At the start of each game you will be given 20 Hero cards, you must use these hero cards to defeat the 14 fiend cards.
as you defeat fiends you will earn loot which can be equipped and exchanged between your active heroes in-between each battle round.
your heroes stats will determine if they can win or lose a battle, if your hero is a even match to a fiend you will need to duel each other.
each play session takes about 5-8 minutes.

Learn the Lore!
there are 55 unlockable endings, each time you win a round you will unlock a new ending.

Play styles!
if you play enough rounds you will unlock extra game modes which will include larger hero and fiend decks!

if you equip your heroes well then victory is certainly assured, equip them badly and you will face a most unpleasant end...GOOD LUCK!

The Story:
100 years ago chaos ran rampant.
monsters plagued the land in untold numbers, they tormented the people of the realm.
so the eight Alchemy Mages gathered at Mayhem Mountain and there they forged the legendary HEAVY Sword and bestowed it to Treadzar, the strongest warrior ever to live. wielding the HEAVY Sword Treadzar vanquished all the monsters of the world, and through the alchemical magic of the HEAVY Sword their dark souls were locked deep within the bowels of Mayhem Mountain...

That is, until now, a fissure has ripped in the gate which locked the monsters below, and now they have begun to slip back out into the world.
and thus the call has gone out, all the heroes of the land must gather together and seal the fiends away once again...


  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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