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DATE three CUTIES through your hi-tech 8-BIT COMPUTER! UNCOVER each of their mysteries, SURVIVE what lies UNDERNEATH, MEET goofy & "friendly" characters along the way! Play your cards right, you can ❤️SMOOCH❤️ your DATES!

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A NEW 8-BIT COMPUTER was just bought for the local library?

Not just that, they've installed a new kind of 'SOFTWARE' on it called a 'DATING SIM'. I can't WAIT to date these ❤️VIRTUAL CUTIES!❤️

Welcome to 'Date Time❤️', a retro-horror dating sim celebrating the early age of the personal computer. Featuring Dot-matrix printers, one button mice, dial-up modems... and doing so much with ❤️4kb of RAM.❤️

  • Fully Animated Characters, Environments and Cutscenes in a twisted style of early computing.
  • Help prevent or ensure WORLD ENDING consequences through DATING.
  • Explore the loveable idyllic town of the dating sims (and beyond), meet fun and nutty characters... and their nefarious purposes.
  • Learn about the source of the dating sims, why they were made, and who is responsible.
  • Flirt, Seduce, and Fight your dates for a SMOOCH... or for your LIFE.


Each Chapter has a central character who you can date, as you progress through the Date Time❤️ storyline, you'll learn the story behind them, what makes them tick, and how you'll earn your SMOOCH.

Melissa❤️, she's a sweetheart of a girl! A smart woman into science and art! You may be surprised how DEEP her knowledge GOES!

Morris❤️, a pouty mechanic who is secretly into poetry. Get close enough, you may find out where his TRUE TASTES lie!

And... Anna❤️, an active athlete who strives to be the best in everything! Play your cards right, and nothing will ever get you SEPARATED!

A brand new adventure, and enhanced versions of Melissa❤️ & Morris❤️

The Date Time❤️ package features enhanced versions of Melissa❤️ and Morris❤️ with NEW SECRETS, and ENDINGS to explore.

Anna❤️, the 3rd chapter, brings all three dates together for one final ULTIMATE DATE and your ETERNAL SMOOCH.

❤️They're all waiting for you!❤️


  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual-Core CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • Storage: 3 GB available space

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