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Cult of Personality is an upcoming Social Deception Game that bends the rules of what players can see, do, and hear... In life, and death!


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Cult of Personality is a new and upcoming social deception game for 5-8 players that bends the rules of what players can see, do, and hear... In life, and death!

Set in an abandoned crypt, you and your fellow cultists' goals are to complete a forbidden ritual and summon your deity to bring about the end times! However, some of your would be cultist pals have been disillusioned from your cult's enchantment, and will do everything in their power - especially cold-blooded murder - to stop you!

The Ritual
As dutiful cultists you'll be tasked with randomized group "trials" that must be completed by working together. Complete the trials (involving the occasional blood sacrifice), then finish the ritual in darkest depth of the crypt.

There is no Insta-kill or voting in Cult of Personality. Instead a simple but effective directional combat system takes its place. Traitorous players must catch cult members unaware for the kill, and If you're suspicious that one of your fellow cultists isn't devoted to the cause, take action and attack!

The game doesn't end once dead to one of your fellow cultists! As a ghost, you can possess objects and NPCs around the map to help complete the ritual, or kill the remaining cultists to stop it. As a Traitor you can even possess living players; making them attack peers, or sabotage the ritual to cast doubt on their allegiance...

Other Features
  • light-based Visibility - In fire or torchlight, player color and names are visible, but stray into the darkness, and only silhouettes can be seen. Anonymity is a Traitor's biggest strength, and keeping the crypt dark can be vital for their success.
  • Room-based proximity voice chat - Information and debate are key to unmasking Traitors, but stray too far and your cries for help may go unanswered...


  • OS: Windows 10

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