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What is a good life? What makes life fulfilling? Meaningful? Explore these questions in a cozy first-person game on an island of mythical animals. Explore, collect ingredients and recipes, and help your friends with issues in their lives. Learn what researchers have discovered about flourishing.


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Cryptid Kitchen is a first-person game about friends, cooking, and wisdom. You play Matcha, a kitsune who decided wizarding college wasn't for her. She moved to an island with her familiar Udon, and opened a restaurant for her fellow cryptids. Explore, collect ingredients and recipes, and cook for your cryptid friends.

"Yeah, but what about the wisdom?"

Glad you asked! The game has many knowledge nuggets, bits of content about relationships, group pressure, optimism, religion, depression, and other things affecting the quality of our lives. Read what science, philosophy, and religion say about these things. The more you learn, the better you'll be able to make a life you'll be happy with.

You'll also see how Matcha helps her friends with challenges in their lives. She uses wisdom from the knowledge nuggets to give advice. Not everything works out as expected, but life is like that.


  • OS: Windows 10 or later

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